Name: Karime Miyu  カリメミユ 
Age: 14
Gender: female
Bday: 3rd of march
Released date: 25th September 2010
Model: DR03
Height: 156 cm
Likes: draw, sing and play in her guitar
Item: guitar
She is really cheerful and a little childish sometimes. But she has a really 'hard personality'.
She can be really lazy but always tries her best. Also, love to annoy her friends.
Loves to play guitar and sing but also likes to play baseball or basketball with Kemi (sometimes soccer). Loves to sing with him and loves him a lot!
She can be really pervert when she wants (usually to annoy people). Can be very annoying and loves annoy Kemi.

Name: Yusuke Kemi 裕介ケミ
Age: 14
Gender: male
Bday: 4th of march
Released date: 25th September 2010
Model: DR04
Height: 159 cm
Likes: sing, play videogames, play sports like baseball and football (he loves baseball really much), play piano
Item: piano and baseball bat
He loves sports really much, when he doesn't has nothing to do (sing, play piano) he plays soccer or baseball (and sometimes basketball with Miyu).
He is miyu's childhood friend and loves her really much.
He can get really mad when someone makes something bad to miyu or to him (rarely with miyu lol)
and he can be very mature or very childish (more childish).
He doesn't like being called shota but accepts it. Normally, he hates perverted things (ok, rarely).


Miyu sounds better if you put her flag in Y20H20L5C50
For kemi's voice, put her flag in G14 or G15 in ACT1 and G15 - G20 in ACT2 

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Name: Karime Akami
Age: 10
Gender: female
Bday: 5th of March
Released date: 25th March 2012 (release with official ACT1)
Model: DR05
Height: 138 cm
Likes: cute things, pink/red, princesses, sing, her sister, her twin Akira
Item: a fluffy strawberry (item) and a strawberry (food)
Very childish, fun and cheerful, kinda like her sister.
She loves cute thing and she wants be like a princess.
She likes to play videogames with Kemi. She sleeps with her fluffy strawberry, she loves it.
Loves really much her twin Akira and is always with him.

Name: Karime Akira
Age: 10
Gender: male
Bday: 5th of April 
Released date: 25th March 2012
Model: DR06
Height: 140 cm
Likes: her twin Akami, cook, play 3DS, sing
Item: a green DSi (item) and mint and green apple (favourite flavor/food)
He is very mature and protector, he doesn't looks like a 10 years old boy.
Loves to cook for all the "family" (Miyu, Akami and Kemi) and always tries to learn new recipes.
And he always tries to ask to Miyu and Kemi for help him cleaning the house (they usually don't help). 
When he gets bored (when akami isn't with him) he always plays DSi.
And, normally, loves criticize Kemi or annoy him.